Things You Should Ask Your Managed Services Provider before hiring them for DFARS/CMMC compliance.

The recent release of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and DFARS compliance requirements has made it clear that the measures to protect controlled unclassified information are only expanding. For a long time, the U.S. Department of Defense is worried about data security present in nonfederal information systems and organizations. Earlier, the DoD did not monitor the organizations and businesses supporting the federal contractors for security compliance. This made them vulnerable to cyber-attacks and security breaches. However, with new compliances and security requirements emerging, the need for CMMC consulting services has increased.

Now it has become a standard industry practice to protect and safeguard controlled unclassified information stored and processed in nonfederal information systems. Besides this, any contractor or organization that is NIST 800 171 compliant has better chances of gaining government contracts.

Organizations and contractors working directly or indirectly with the federal government must understand what all information is vulnerable to potential attacks. While it’s true that meeting compliance requirements is not easy, it has become a necessity. Most companies and contractors are concerned about expensive implementation costs and complicated processes. This is where managed services providers enter.

But before hiring a Managed Services Providers for Cybersecurity Compliance requirements, it’s essential to ask them a few questions.

In this blog, we have listed done some important questions you should as a prospective MSP partner.

Question 1: Enquire about the FedRAMP

Does your MSP have FedRAMP Moderate or High cloud-based I.T. environment that is compliant with security measures? Is the FedRAMP configured to the NIST 800 171 standards?

There are only a few data centers like AWS and Azure that are FedRAMP High cloud data centers. Most of the cloud services are not listed in the FedRAMP marketplace. Moreover, only a couple of cloud services are compliant with the NIST 800 171. Before entrusting your data center with an MSP, it’s essential that you first understand if the MSP is itself compliant. Ask if the data center used by the MSP is compliant with CMMC compliance or not.  

Question 2: How does your MSP access and monitor your systems?

It’s essential to understand how the MSP administrator will access your environment. Will they have an individual account or shared account to access and monitor your information system? During the audit of your I.T. infrastructure, this factor will become essential. Every individual with the authority to access the data system must have their account as it will help the auditor track all actions.

Another critical question to ask your MSP is whether they allow the same level of access to the data system. As a standard practice, different personnel should have a different level of access to the system to ensure the safety of the data.

Question 3: How does the managed service provider hire and train their support staff?

 When hiring an MSP, it’s essential to know about the members working in the company. If you maintain ITAR data within your systems, it necessary that only a U.S. person is assigned to you. Another thing to make sure is that everyone working on your system is qualified to handle compliance tasks. They must be qualified and experienced to handle the security of your network.…